The secret to staying chill

One thing I’ve picked up from years of meditation is this:

Never try meditation when you’re super emotional!

We all think meditation helps us through any mental storm, but it’s not what you might expect.

Our minds naturally have highs and lows—it’s unavoidable.

When we’re down, negative emotions can swamp us, making it hard to find a way out.

And when we’re up, exhilarating emotions make it tough to calm down.

Both kinds of emotions require the energy of mindfulness to help us restore our calm.

Mindfulness can only be trained when we’re not caught up in those emotions.

So, in everyday life, when your mind isn’t all over the place, you should practice meditation to build up mindfulness.

Over time, this mindfulness energy builds up, and your mind can handle anything naturally.

That’s why your daily practice is key to facing life’s challenges.

And yes, even the happy mood needs training.

Your environment—home, work, car—all need decluttering, cleaning, decorating, music, fresh scents, and so on.

Remember, preparing for tough times is crucial; body, mind, and spirit.