Richard Gere showed me how to eat butter😊

Over 20 years ago, fresh out of my army service in Taiwan, my family migrated to Sydney, Australia.

Our first big adventure? A trip to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland with my wife. We’d planned it all months ahead and snagged a killer deal on flights and hotels.

At that time, I was curious about everything I saw. To me, Australia was a very different country from Taiwan, especially food.

On our flight from Sydney to Queensland, a 40-year-old man was sitting on my right side, and there was an aisle between us.

The man wore a safari jacket-style suit, jeans, and casual shoes.

He was a businessman, a calm and sharp businessman.

When the flight attendant served passengers some food, it confused me…

As an Asian man who mainly ate rice in my life, I wasn’t familiar with some Western-style food.

Then, I observed how the man next to me ate his butter with a bun.

I watched him, almost mesmerized, as he meticulously took the bun out of the bag, cut the bun in half, tore the paper on the little plastic case for the butter, used the butter knife to shovel it, and then placed the butter between the bun.

After savoring every bite like it was the best thing he’d ever tasted, he sipped his coffee and looked delightful.

He was a handsome man and looked like the young Richard Gere.

I then followed his every step and asked the flight attendant for a cup of coffee. And wow…that was my first time tasting butter with a bun, and I loved it.

To most people, this is just common sense or something that happens daily.

I didn’t know how to eat butter until I saw the man showing me how.

Fast forward to this morning; my breakfast is a bun with butter and a cup of black coffee.

The funny thing is this: every time I got the chance to have this combination in a meal, I think about that man on the flight.

I still can’t get enough of that buttery goodness. Every bite brings back a flood of memories from that flight.

He gave me an impressive image to enjoy the butter; somehow, his manners and personality left me with an unforgettable impression.

At that moment, I wanted to eat like him and enjoy myself like him.

Now, we live in a world where people can connect physically or virtually via the internet. Everything you do and say will give people an impression of who you are.

The way you talk, the way you act, the way you dress…these elements formed into the unique you.

As a sports lover, I surf and swim regularly in the morning. I know how fellow sports lovers want to leave people with a lasting impression.

That’s why we designed the scent of the air freshener for sports lovers who want to be themselves and leave people with a vibrant impression.

Who wouldn’t want their car smelling like a breath of fresh air after a morning surf?

Imagine cruising down the road, windows down, with that fresh scent wafting through the air. It’s like your vibe precedes you, leaving everyone around you wondering, “Who’s that cool person?”

So, my friend, here’s to embracing the little things and making them extraordinary.

Because you never know, you might just inspire someone along the way, just like my butter-loving “Richard Gere” from years ago😊

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