How To Create A Great Atmosphere While Driving, Working, Having Friends Gatherings Without Lots Of Effort?

Does this sound anything like you?

⇒ Stuck in a traffic jam on your way for a date?

⇒ Deadline from work that is approaching, yet the task is nearly half done?

⇒ A supposed happy gathering turns into a hot debate, and the air is frozen into a dead silence.

⇒ You feel like having some background music to accompany you.

Think more about this…

⇒ A traffic jam frustrates people, sometimes leading to an unexpected accident.

⇒ If you can’t deliver your work by the agreed deadline, you might lose your job; even worse, you might lose credibility.

⇒ Friendship is hard to build, but some sensitive topics may deteriorate the relationship.

⇒ Wrong background music will distract you, or your mind may follow disoriented thoughts endlessly.

And you don’t want all these!

That’s why we created the music album called “Music of Scent”

The Story

Inspired by the seven scents of our popular car air fresheners, seven Lofi music beats represent each scent respectively.

We’ve spent several months partnered with a well-known music studio, composing three versions for each music beat; eighteen music hits in total.

We then tested the music on various occasions for each scent to match the tone and rhythm; only then did we decide the best version for each fragrance.

Listening to the great album while driving, working, or at friends’ gatherings, together with the air freshener to flavor the atmosphere, the combination is fanatic!

The seven music beats are as follows:

Track 1 Lavender - Soothing

The scent of lavender feels warm, thoughtful and curious. And You are easy to be around and to be counted on.

Track 2 Lemon Mint - Energetic

The scent of lemon mint feels energetic, organized and clean, and influential. And You hold a high level of confidence.

Track 3 Vanilla Sky - Sweet

The scent of vanilla feels sweet, friendly and lively. Yes, You know how to get a party started.

Track 4 Cool Ice - Confident

The scent of Cool Ice is like feeling confident, attractive, clean and refreshing. Your unique and gentle nature is reflected in this scent.

Track 5 Sweet Orange - Upbeat

The scent of orange feels polite, firm, organized and clean. And it looks like you are born to be a leader.

Track 6 Wild Berry - Fun

The scent of the wild berry feels like a fun-loving person, a lively and cheerful personality, and the heart of any party. To be specific, you are bubbly and clearly know what you want.

Track 7 Citrus Crush - Refreshing

The scent of citrus feels is like active and positive, dominant, bright and breezy. It makes you feel ambitious.

Great Music For A Happy Mood

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