National Smile Day Free Giveaway

One of the tricks in sitting meditation is to scan your body from head to toe.

It’s all about noticing tension in your body; just being aware of it helps it melt away.

Start by finding a comfy posture, close your eyes, and then:

Breathe in, and focus on your scalp, feeling any tension there.

Breathe out, and let the tension go with your breath – exhaling is the best for releasing bad vibes.

Repeat this three to five times.

Next, shift your attention to your eyes, ears, nose, face, shoulders, and all the way down to your toes.

Our faces have tons of nerves, and the quickest way to relax is to smile😊

You know? A simple smile not only eases your face but also makes your whole body relax quickly.

The “smile technique” can also be applied to your daily exercise.

When I’m chasing a big wave and feel tense, I smile, and it dissolves my stress instantly.

Even hiking in the mountains, a smile connects me deeply to nature and brings peace.

So, whatever exercise you do, try this technique; you’ll notice the difference right away.

After a month, you’ll see even more benefits.

This coming Friday is National Smile Day, and we’re running a campaign to spread smiles.

Stay tuned for free giveaway details…