Meditation and Scent

I wake up at 05:00 almost every morning, and my day begins with sitting meditation followed by gentle yoga moves such as prostration.

Of course, if the waves are calling, you know I’m grabbing my board instead!

Ever heard about the ancient tradition of igniting incense before meditation?

It’s like a time machine back to the roots of mindfulness. Back then, a stick of incense burned for an hour, perfectly aligning with a serious meditation session.

Fast forward to today, and we’ve got timers, but the scent of incense still lingers on.

You know? The scent of the burning incense makes people calm and relaxed, which is perfect for setting the mood for some deep Zen vibes.

In Zen meditation, one way to figure out one’s life path is to ask oneself questions during meditation and ponder them mindfully.

Sometimes, the questions are even deeper than the answers.

And that’s the beauty of Zen meditation – it’s a journey of questions, not just answers.

So, for meditation to achieve the “quality status,” scent can play an essential role.

Even for people who practice walking meditation, most choose a quiet street, park, walking track, etc. Places like these have one thing in common:  tranquility and freshness.

Indeed, smell has a dramatic influence on our mood.

When it comes to driving, everyone wants to enhance their driving experience.

You want to leave a remarkable impression on those who ride with you and spread good vibes.

So, why not flavor the air in your car with quality car air fresheners?

They’re like little drops of joy for your ride.