Knowledge is power???

Last Saturday,  I hit the waves for some surfing fun, and I have a story for you.

You know? Most surfers read surf reports or forecasts before going surfing, especially for surf breaks without live cameras on site.

We need this data to help us pick the perfect spot and catch those epic waves tailored to our skill level.

A few numbers are critical for surfers, such as wave height and swell period.

The swell period tells you how powerful the waves will be, generally expressed in seconds.

For example, a swell of 4.2 feet with 8s could create a wave height of 3-4  feet.

However, a swell of 4.2 feet with 16s could create a wave height of 8-10 feet, which is pretty big for most surfers.

So, The longer the swell period, the bigger the wave.

Picture this: I’m out there, sitting on my board, soaking in the sun, when I overhear these two dudes chatting about the forecast.

One guy’s a total forecast guru, while the other? Let’s just say he’s more of a “go with the flow” kinda surfer.

Now, here’s the kicker: despite the gnarly waves that morning (thanks to a hefty swell period of 14s), Mr. Easy-Breezy caught wave after wave, pulling off these sick maneuvers like a pro!

Meanwhile, Mr. Forecast Expert and I? Well, let’s just say we were in sync…with the wipeouts🤣

It got me thinking—who needs all that knowledge when sometimes, ignorance is bliss?

Life’s like surfing, you know? Sometimes, it’s not about the textbooks or the fancy theories; it’s about enjoying the ride.

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