Fallen Leaves 2023

We are the only car air freshener brand that creates different types and genres of music for our customers and subscribers.

Because we understand our customers better than anyone else in the industry.

People need more than odor elimination.

People need a happy mood.

People need a unique fragrance to enhance their driving experiences, to show their identities, and to leave people with a vibrant impression.

Apart from car air fresheners, music is a perfect medium to fulfill their needs.

The best of all is this: our music is FREE to download.

We launched our first music album, “Music of Scent,” a few months ago, and thousands of downloads are accumulating.

Today, we’re very excited to share with you our new music; the handpan music beat is called “Fallen Leaves 2023.”

“Fallen Leaves 2023” is of the atmosphere of autumn.

The music lasts 30 minutes and is played by musicians with a handpan, flute, shaker, guitar, and didgeridoo.

So, what is a handpan?

Imagine a handpan as a magical metal drum that you play with your hands instead of drumsticks.

It looks like a big, shiny UFO with a round, flat top and a hollow space underneath. On the top, there are different-sized bumps and dents that make cool musical sounds when you tap them with your fingers.

The handpan sounds like a mix between a gentle drum and a soothing bell. It can make peaceful and calming music that sounds like it’s from a faraway land.

The “Fallen Leaves 2023” will give you a happy mood, and you’ll love it.

So, download our first album, and we’ll email you the link to this great music.

A portion of the music can be listened to down below.

And yes, the album is FREE.