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Meditation and Scent

I wake up at 05:00 almost every morning, and my day begins with sitting meditation followed by gentle yoga moves such as prostration. Of course, if the waves are calling, you know I’m grabbing my board instead! Ever heard about the ancient tradition of igniting incense before meditation? It’s like a time machine back to

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Hiking in the mountains

I used to carry a camera bag with different lenses and a tripod with me whenever I went hiking. To be honest, it’s a big burden and it’s very tiring. Life’s taken a techy turn since then. Now, I’m all about that smartphone camera life. Just last weekend, I trekked through the gorgeous mountains near

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Knowledge is power???

Last Saturday,  I hit the waves for some surfing fun, and I have a story for you. You know? Most surfers read surf reports or forecasts before going surfing, especially for surf breaks without live cameras on site. We need this data to help us pick the perfect spot and catch those epic waves tailored

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The story about Jim

As I mentioned time and time again, car air fresheners are more than odor-elimination; they are more about a happy mood. Of course, people want to remove the unpleasant odor, which might be the primary reason to buy one. However, based on our data analysis and observation, people want to enhance their driving experiences by

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 I recorded the sound of birds

Yesterday I spent time hiking in the mountain area to get some exercise. Along the walking trail, I heard birds chirping and singing together, and it was like a symphony. I didn’t see any birds and had no idea where the sound came from, but it was beautiful. I used my iPhone to record the

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River Flows In You

Yesterday I shared a piece of great music by a famous Korean musician YIRUMA, who composed many great works. “River Flows In You” is another one to soothe your tension. Pour a cup of tea or coffee, relax, and listen to this beautiful melody. Happy listening☺️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiBvOKmuWKg Share Via:

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Kiss The Rain

A famous Korean musician YIRUMA composed many great pieces of music. “Kiss The Rain” is one of the most popular in many places. A few years ago, while attending a meditation class, the zen teacher played this piece of music as the background music mixed with his gentle voice of guidance during a guided meditation

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