Breathe Better, Move Better

One of the best ways to boost your workouts is to sync your breath with your movements.

This requires you to practice your breathing while you are not exercising. 

Sitting meditation can be an effective practice.

Focus on your in-breath and out-breath, feeling the airflow through your body.

When you breathe in, notice any tension; when you breathe out, let that tension go.

Give this a go for 15-20 minutes a day, and after a month, you’ll see a real difference.

When you exercise, your breath and movements will naturally sync up without you even trying.

I’ve been using this trick for years in swimming, surfing, and hiking.

Take surfing, for example. Paddling is a huge part of surfing, making up at least 50% of the effort.

When I align my breath with my paddling, it takes less effort and makes me less tired.

This leaves me with more energy to catch the wave, which requires a hard, fast paddle to accelerate.

Breath control can really be a game-changer for any exercise.

Keeping a steady breathing rhythm helps you perform better.

Most of us in the HOYAHH community love sports and exercise daily, so let’s spread this sporty vibe around!

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