Best customers’ testimonials⭐️

A long time ago, I used to run a car wash cafe.

You know what makes a killer cup of coffee? It’s all about how fine or coarse those beans are ground.

Every barista worth their salt knows that dialing in the coffee grinder is key before brewing up that first cup.

Generally speaking, finely ground coffee results in a richer cup; a coarse grind may be better for those who prefer a lighter cup.

There’s no best flavor for every customer because everyone’s taste varies.

So, each barista crafts their brew to match their vibe and their customers’ tastes.

The same is true for picking car air fresheners.

Everyone’s got their scent, from musky leather to fresh pine or even that new car smell.; all we can do is find the best scent for sports lovers: “not too strong, not too weak, and just right.” 

Of course, if you don’t like the smell, Amazon allows you to return it and get a full refund.

As I mentioned, our sales on Amazon went very well recently. Still, a sneaky competitor attacked our listings, paying people to leave negative reviews and doing this weekly to make it look very reasonable.

I know there will be more coming!

Why am I so sure about the attack?

Because there are no requests for refunds, not even one.

I mean, if something stinks (literally or metaphorically) online, you’d expect people to want their money back, pronto.

It turns out that the two negative reviews are the best testimonials we’ve received so far.

The two “customers” just couldn’t resist our car air fresheners🤣

Now, we’re launching our “Buy one, get TWO FREE” comeback. It’s not just about snagging a sweet deal; it’s about fighting the good fight and keeping those virtual streets clean.