Autumn – Handpan Performance

Scents like perfumes or car air fresheners are not just for odor elimination.

Scents are also about vibes.

Good vibes can be created by not only scents but also music.

Both scents and music are for a happy mood.

And that’s why I’ve shared with you a few pieces of music so far.

Initially, I thought we were selling car air fresheners. But over time, I realized people need more than odor removal.

Therefore, I organized to work with many musicians to make great music for our brand.

Recently, I shared a newly released handpan music, “Fallen Leaves 2023” with you, as we are already in the middle of Autumn.

I asked the musician to create a piece of music purely performed by handpan, and this music is called “Autumn – Handpan Performance.”

You can download the whole music here, or listen to it down below👇