Music of Scent

Do you know a fragrance can have its music? We have seven scents for our car air fresheners, each with a unique Lofi musical beat. Yes, each fragrance has its song 🎵 And the album is called “Music of Scent.” Listening to the album while driving, together with the car air freshener to flavor the […]

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The Scent of “Cool Ice”

The HOYAHH Cool Ice car air vent is a beloved product known for its invigorating and refreshing scent that brings a cool and crisp aroma to any environment. Whether it’s your home, office, or car, the Cool Ice is designed to provide a burst of freshness that revitalizes the senses and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

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The Scent of “Lemon Mint”

Zesty Symphony: Exploring the Enchanting Scents of Lemon and Mint In the world of fragrances, some scents instantly captivate our senses, awakening a feeling of freshness and vitality. Among these, the invigorating aromas of lemon and mint stand out as timeless marvels, each possessing its distinct characteristics. Lemon, with its tangy zing and uplifting energy,

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Yesterday we conducted a survey asking our newsletter subscribers a straightforward question: “Do you currently use car air fresheners other than the HOYAHH brand in your car?” For people who answered Yes and have yet to purchase or use any of our products, we decided to offer them a free sample to experience the amazing

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The Scent of “Wild Berry”

Wildberries have a sweet and slightly musky aroma that is often described as fruity and floral. Most berries have a sweet taste with a bit of acid. They are not overly sweet fruits, and unripe berries will taste sour. They are small but juicy and will release juice when you bite down, sending your taste

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The Scent of “Citrus Squash”

Citrus is a fruit category with a thick rind and pulpy center. This high acid fruit category contains numerous types, and far more subtypes. Oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits each have multiple varietals; there are over 400 types of oranges worldwide! The smell of citrus is bright, fresh, and tangy. It is characterized by a

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The Scent of “Lavender”

Plants are the best friend of humans and lavender is one of them. Lavender has a delicate, sweet smell that is floral, herbal, and evergreen woodsy at the same time, one that is light and fresh, without being too overwhelming. Generally speaking, lavender is a milder scent that many find pleasant. Lavender flowers are incredibly

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The Scent of “Sweet Orange”

Everyone knows what an orange smells like, that burst of zest as you dig your fingers into the waxy skin to break into this juiciest of fruits. The smell of orange; like any citrus, it has an upbeat and cheerful scent reminiscent of summer and warm weather. Next time you peel an orange, try pressing

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